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TANK XL $10,250 ($250 DEPOSIT)


Buy Tank Xl Online,  The Tank XL is the 4 door mini electric 4 door you have been waiting for.  This ChangLi  SUV is a great way  to get around the neighborhood, campus, farm, or Golf Course, with some room to spare.  You wont be able to stop smiling driving around in this beast and your passengers will be smiling too.

$250 to secure your Tank XL , once you have made your deposit our team will reach out to you.  Trucks  $10,250 + the shipping to your location. Buy Tank Xl Online

  • Adjustable motor. Low gear and Hi gear.
  • Touchscreen MP5 with Bluetooth
  • Automatic door locks
  • Windshield wiper/washer
  • Bucket Seats
  • Rear view backup camera
  • Power windows
  • Aluminum wheels
  • All LED lighting: headlights taillights, turn signals, interior lights, spotlights.
  • Ceiling skylight that opens with 2 fans and led light
  • 3000 Watt Motor
  • 25 MPH 
  • 60V 100 Ah
  • RWD
  • 4 Passengers
  • 4 doors

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  1. Guy Fisher

    So I bought this tank for curiosity, but I am definitely buying a truck next time.

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