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Buy Mini EV Online, Electric Import Autos is here to provide you with the best mini EV pickup trucks and mini EV vans. We bring to you the cheapest electric Mini ev cars in the world. These electric cars comes in many different editions with  enough upgrades. Many other electric cars have been manufactured before the ( ChangLi) series of mini ev van, mini ev pickup truck and mini ev suv

Types of Changli Mini EV Cars.

There are many automobile manufacturing companies  some of which are involve in the manufacturing of electric  cars,  The production of these ( ChangLi )  mini ev’s,  is considered a serious reality check in the automobile production sector.

 These mini electric cars will go a long way to solve traffic problems in over populated countries and  Island nations.  Buy mini ev online

Buy mini ev online

Pak Yak Utility

The new Pak Yak Electric Mini Pickup truck is here the Pak Yak Utility. This new mini EV truck might look like a toy pickup truck but it packs a punch.

This new addition  line up might just be the perfect vehicle for you. 

Pak Yak Pro

This pickup truck is the 2021  Pak Yak Pro, with  a range of 40 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 35 mph this all electric mini truck rocks! Dump bed is capable of holding 2,000 lbs. Buy mini ev online

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Every mini ev electric car we sell is made for fun. What’s not fun is dealing with shipping, import fees, duties/taxes, and delivery to your door. Electric Import Autos makes it simple so you can focus on having fun.

We are the prominent trusted company for these types of electric rides. We’ve been featured on YouTube outlets showcasing how fun these mini ev pickup van/mini ev pickup truck/mini ev changli nemica can be.


These are NOT DOT certified vehicles for use on roads above 25 MPH. You’ll want to verify with your DMV and confirm what your local state laws are. Certain states allow these cars to be registered as a “low speed vehicle” for neighborhood, private/community property. It is similar to a golf cart.

You’ll want to verify with your local state what the laws are for registering one. These vehicles are NOT made for busy streets but more for communities, properties, and neighborhood use.

Electric Import Autos is the importer of these amazing vehicles, we are not the manufacturer. Please let us know what parts are needed and Electric Import Autos can help, but we do not offer a warranty or fix these vehicles on your behalf.

These vehicles are not car replacements, rather an enclosed golf cart and should not be driven on busy roads. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure they are following proper safety procedures and to validate that the vehicle is safe to operate.

EIM is the importer of these cars and holds no liability for how a customer drives the vehicle or the safety of the vehicle itself. Please validate with your local state the legality of registering this type of vehicle as well as obey all traffic laws.

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