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Buy Pak Yak Pro, Pak Yak Mini pickup truck  is a small electric car presently with a lot of attraction from island nations and urban areas where a lot of people don’t travel more than 10 miles a day. Many people are still to find out about these cool toys Which are really cool to have one for short trips to stores around. These pak yak  electric pickup trucks have many features which makes it ideal, the ability to easily get to the batteries from under the bed of the truck for repairs is one of the best features. Buy Pak Yak Pro
  • Air Conditioning Upgrade
  • Adjustable motor. Low gear and Hi gear.
  • Touchscreen MP5 with Bluetooth
  • Automatic door locks
  • Windshield wiper/washer
  • Bucket Seats
  • Rearview backup camera
  • Power windows
  • Aluminum wheels
  • All LED lighting: headlights taillights, turn signals, interior lights, spotlights.
  • Ceiling skylight that opens with 2 fans and led light
  • Hydraulic Dump Bed

16 reviews for PAK YAK PRO

  1. Karen Diliddo

    Thank you Electric Import Autos, my pak yak was delivered yesterday. It is so cool.

  2. Keri L Evert

    It’s been three months and counting with my new toy. I didn’t think this truck will stand the test of time.

  3. Charles D Ashworth

    For $2000 I did not expect much, not disappointed though.

  4. Michelle

    I can not wait to finally get my truck delivered.

  5. Macy Clayton

    I don’t worry about fuel to pickup my kids😍😍😍

  6. Kristi Anderson

    I made the best decision buying one of your tucks.👍

  7. Debra Beck

    Fun part about this truck is it looks so cool and very portable to fit in my small garage✌ sending love from New Jersey.

  8. Debra Beck

    Fun part about this truck is it looks so cool and very portable to fit in my small garage✌ sending love from New Jersey.

  9. Zenaida roman

    My pak yak pro electric truck just landed on Wednesday. I like what I see.

  10. Andy Alhagberg

    I didn’t believe I could actually get a pickup truck for $2000, thank you Electric Import Autos.
    I confidently recommend them if you’re looking for where to get a mini pickup truck.

  11. daniel maslowski

    Bought this truck just because why not, trust me it’s my favorite rn.


    Best thing I did for myself this 2023 was the decision to buy this truck.

  13. Donald g Kubs Jr

    I have been so busy, haven’t got time to drop a good review for you guys. but these truck is all I needed in my ranch.


    Didn’t see this as a reality, for a truck to be sold at $2000. I am having so much fun driving this truck around.

  15. Garry Stults

    POV, This is the best electric pickup truck I bought in years.

  16. Admin

    I sure will be coming to buy an suv bus

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